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Manitoba CED News

Put CED in the Manitoba Budget

The Government of Manitoba is inviting all Manitobans to offer their two cents during the 2014 Pre-Budget Public Consultation. Manitobans can have their say by writing or emailing Finance Minister Jennifer Howard, or by completing a short online survey. The Canadian CED Network has already submitted our list of recommendations, as directed by our members. CCEDNet's budget submission urges the province to reduce poverty, investment in social enterprise and co-ops, and bolster its commitment to  affordable housing development. Our submission also includes tangible strategies for achieving these goals. Earlier this month, Minister Jennifer Howard welcomed Brendan Reimer and Darcy Penner to her office to discuss these opportunities.

A Place for Every Child: Increasing Supports for Child Care in Manitoba

Community leaders in the child care sector are inviting all Manitobans to join their petition to urge the province to create a Commission on Integrated Early Learning and Child Care. The Government of Manitoba is currently developing a new childcare plan and has prioritized the promotion of early childhood development. The open letter urges elected officials to establish a made-in-Manitoba, fully integrated, public system for learning and child care. Investments in child care stimulate the local economy (every $1 invested in childcare returns $1.58 to rural Manitoba economies), and promote healthy child development. To learn more, read CCEDNet's Child Care policy resolution.

Manitoba Making Strides in Social Procurement

A recent article by Enterprising Non-Profits highlights CCEDNet's work, and Manitoba's recent achievements in adopting social procurement policies. However, work remains to be done, according to CCEDNet's Regional Coordinator Brendan Reimer. Among the province's accomplishments include an Aboriginal Procurement Initiative, increases in Manitoba Housing contracts with social enterprises, and a provincial environmental procurement policy. “At last count, there was nearly $10 million per year in contracts going to social enterprises, which was supporting over 200 jobs for people with barriers to employment," says Brendan. The Canadian CED Network will continue working to create an environment where social procurement policies become the norm in Canada. Read more about our work here

ACU's Approach to Sustainability is Down to Earth

We are proud to announce that Assiniboine Credit Union (CCEDNet Member) has won an Earthie Award. ACU was recognized for demonstrating leadership among financial institutions in environmental business practices and commitment to sustainability. CCEDNet nominated ACU for the the Earthies, or Protecting Our Earth Awards, which are given by the Manitoba Eco Network. CCEDNet is always proud of our members' work, and is privileged to highlight their accomplishments through awards like this.

It's been over a year since CCEDNet launched our Enterprising Non-Profits - Manitoba program. In that time, we've hosted three Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise workshops attended by over 75 people. We have also had three grant intakes, awarded $55,000 in Social Enterprise Development Grants, and leveraged key resources from a number of important partners. The most recent grant recipient, Green Action Centre, will use the funds to support a feasibility study for a social enterprise providing a knowledge-based environmental service. Visit our enp-mb website for more information and access to valuable social enterprise tools and resources, as well as connections to the other five affiliate enp affiliate sites across Canada.

The next Build & Grow Your Social Enterprise workshop takes place in Winnipeg on on April 1, 2014. Click here to register!

Canadian CED
Network News

Plan for your Organization's Financial Sustainability

The Canadian CED Network is hosting a learning event that will teach you how to create a sound financial plan that will help your organization in the long run. Over four sessions, you will develop a long-term financial sustainability plan using several innovative tools for identifying financial and non-financial resources, and for making strategic decisions around priorities and programming. Your plan will be strengthened by great ongoing feedback from peers in the workshop. Space is limited, so register today! The sessions begins on Feb. 26.

Community Sparks: Spark Service Updates

Spark volunteer extraordinaire and communications and graphic design expert Heidi M. is helping WRENCH’s Geoff H. with editing, design and layout of a how-to manual to spread WRENCH’s knowledge of how to start and run an amazing community bike program. This resource will be targeted at schools, drop-in centres, community clubs, youth programs etc that want to start their own bike program that engages youth in building and maintaining bicycles.

What is CED? A YouTube response

(CED) Community Economic DevelopmentCCEDNet’s new video on community economic development uses some of the marvellous photos submitted in last fall’s 'What is CED' photo contest to illustrate our diverse and dynamic movement in just over two minutes.  Watch it today!

Next in CCEDNet's Webinar Series

Return Button on Keyboard Labelled as LearnOn February 11th, Community Supports for Immigrant Entrepreneurship drew on lessons from the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and the Montréal Community Loan Association in considering how to improve immigrant settlement and integration in Canada. Thought you missed it? Well, you can access the recording of this session and others on our website. You can also learn about upcoming webinars, such as the CCEDNet/CanadaMeasures Initiative Information Webinar, back through popular demand.

CED Wire Updates

  • Young Women at Picnic TableCommunity Development Manitoba-style: CCPA-Manitoba Director, Molly McCracken writes about how Manitoba became the source for inspiration and cutting edge policy | Read more >>
  • Investing in the Environment: Assiniboine Credit Union Wins Environmental Award: Katie Schewe shares the environmental achievements that lead to ACU's Anne Lindsey Award | Read more >>
  • CCEDNet International Activities in 2013: An Important Year: Yvon Poirier highlights the international commitments of CCEDNet  | Read more >>
  • Become a CED Investor: A Manitoba Guide to Community Investment Opportunities: Ryan O'Connor explores tools for investing in people & communities | Read more >>

National CED News

Have Your Say on the Social Solidarity Recommendations

The Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS) is inviting your organization to contribute to the participatory construction of the Recommendations by Social Solidarity Economy to the Millennium Development Goals post-2015. The Consultation is public and open until March 28. After the current public consultation, RIPESS will release the final document that will incorporate feedback received. It will then be possible for organizations and networks to endorse it, and have their names added to the recommendations. These will then be formally presented to the United Nations.

Canadian Federal Budget CED Highlights

The Road to Balance: Creating Jobs and Opportunities, the Federal government's 2014 budget, was released earlier this month. This year, CCEDNet submitted two recommendations to the Federal government's pre-budget consultations related to social procurement, and support for Canadian social enterprises and co-ops. Neither of these submissions is addressed in The Road to Balance, but several budget items will have impacts on CED organizations across the country. Follow the link below to read these highlights.

Alternative Federal Budget 2014

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released their annual Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) earlier this month. The budget includes many recommendations for CED investments, including: a neighbourhood revitalization program; affordable housing; and the reduction of income inequality. This year’s AFB delivers a plan that would significantly reduce poverty, strengthen the economy, lower unemployment to 5.4% and still balance the budget by 2016-17. It also raises the bar on transparency by providing an analysis of the distributional and poverty impacts of its tax measures—a first for any budget.

CED Tool: Next Generation Evaluation

As the community development sector continues to innovate, it will be ever more important for evaluation to evolve and grow in ways that respond to the increasingly complex, inter-connected, and rapidly changing world in which these initiatives live. This Learning Brief draws from literature and research, as well as more than a dozen interviews with foundation leaders, evaluation practitioners, and social sector thought leaders, with the intention of starting the conversation in the field around Next Generation Evaluation characteristics and approaches. 

A Little Bird Told Us: Top Tweets of the Month

Twitter BirdHere is a brief sampling of some of our most popular tweets from the past 30 days. Click hereto follow us on Twitter.

Upcoming Events

Planning for Your Organization's Financial Sustainability
Winnipeg, MB >>

Building the Budget: Choices & Priorities
Winnipeg, MB >>

Social Enterprising Coaching Session (Bilingual)
Webinar >>

Growing Local Conference 2014
Winnipeg, MB >>

Breaking the Mold: New Look Housing Co-ops
Winnipeg, MB >>

Good Till the Last Drop: Strategies to Manage Stormwater While Greening Communities & Creating Jobs
Webinar >>

Creating Funds for Social & Environmental Impact
Webinar >>

Surveys & Questionnaires Workshop
Winnipeg, MB >>

Education for Co-operation: How do we educator co-operators
Webinar >>

Charity Law Seminar: Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
Winnipeg, MB >>

Build & Grow Your Social Enterprise
Winnipeg, MB >>

4th CRISES International Conference
Montreal, QC >>

CCEDNet CanadaMeasures Initiative
Webinar >>

Charity Law Seminar Series: Administrative Law Principles
Winnipeg, MB >>

Can CED Catalyze a National Poverty Reduction Strategy
Webinar >>

Interviews & Focus Groups Workshop
Winnipeg, MB >>

Engaging Special Populations
Winnipeg, MB >>

Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing & Making Sense of Community Outcomes
Winnipeg, MB >>

A National Gathering for the New Economy Movement
Boston, MA >>

Celebrating Our Common Wealth: An International Gathering
Glasgow >>

People Matter! Planning Conference
Fredericton, NB >>

People's Social Forum in Canada
Ottawa, ON >>

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference
Prince George, BC >>

International Summit of Cooperatives 2014
Quebec City, QC >>
Check our website for more event listings.

CED Job Opportunities

02/28 ~ deadline
Mentorship Coordinator
West Central Women's Resource Centre
Winnipeg, MB >>

02/28 ~ deadline
Evening/Day Front Desk Coverage Call-In
Ka Ni Kanichihk
Winnipeg, MB >>

02/28 ~ deadline
Economic Development Officer
Town of Neepawa
Neepawa, MB >>

02/28 ~ deadline
Maintenance Supervisor
Winnipeg, MB >>

These are just a few of the jobs available in Manitoba. Check our website for more CED job postings: