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Red Road Lodge

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Winnipeg , Manitoba
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The Red Road Lodge located at 631 Main Street was formerly known as the New Occidental Hotel. This once infamous Main Street hotel has been transformed into a 40-room transitional housing facility providing safe, affordable housing with support services to at-risk individuals. A holistic individual-centred focus is maintained, recognizing each individual’s emotional, psycho-social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs and potential, in addition to their right to self-determination.

The Red Road Lodge provides a respectful place for these at-risk individuals and is committed to assisting them through their periods of crisis, helping them make the best possible use of rehabilitation services offered in throughout the City. Empowering programs have been designed and are being delivered which build life-skills, assist in finding permanent housing enhanced income and employment opportunities.

In addition to providing safe, affordable housing, the Red Road Lodge is home to “Studio 631 – an Urban Art Centre” that serves as an Arts and Culture Community Resource, Education and Wellness Centre providing event/meeting space, classroom and library space, arts and culture programming at little or no cost to the inner-city residents and Main Street Homeless population.

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