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The Community Futures Network of Canada (CFNC) requires the services of a qualified Executive Director to manage the ongoing activities of the CFNC. This is a part-time, contract position with the potential to become full time if additional funding is secured.
Reporting to the Chairperson, the Executive Director’s primary responsibility will be to provide management and direction in implementing the CFNC’s annual operating plan; facilitating communications between the Board of Directors and its member associations; and ensuring that the Network’s goals and objectives are achieved.

We are looking for an experienced Executive Director with excellent communication skills, a knowledge of rural and community economic development, and the ability to lead the Network to its next level.



About Community Futures

Community Futures is a community-driven initiative designed to assist communities in Canada’s rural areas to develop and implement strategies for dealing with a changing economic environment.

Launched by the federal government in 1985, Community Futures is the largest, most well established national community economic development movement in Canada. This broad network of 267 community economic and business development organizations operates in each province and territory across the country and are known generally as Community Futures Organizations (CFOs).

CFOs provide communities with a variety of business development services, and are involved in a wide array of community initiatives, including strategic planning processes, research and feasibility studies, and other community economic development (CED) initiatives.

About the Community Futures Network of Canada

The Community Futures Network of Canada (CFNC) was formed in 2000 to raise awareness about the Community Futures Program, and to support the sharing of information and facilitate the exchange of ideas between Community Futures organizations across Canada.

The CFNC is comprised of 10 provincial and two territorial associations spanning the country from British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland and Labrador in the east, and from Nunavut in the north to Pelee Island at the southernmost tip of Ontario. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the provincial and territorial associations. The Community Futures Program receives core funding from the Federal Government through the Regional Development Agencies.

The CFNC will hold a minimum of three face-to-face meetings a year, in a location to be determined, and holds regularly scheduled teleconference meetings during the year to discuss ongoing projects and initiatives, as required. For more information about the CFNC’s mandate and key focus areas, an excerpt of the CFNC’s business plan for 2019-20 is attached to this RFP.


The following outlines the duties and responsibilities for the CFNC Executive Director position:

Overall management and facilitation

  • Knowledgeable about the CFNC governing documents, bylaws, rules and regulations;
  • Ensure that the policies, procedures and goals of the Board and Network are successfully pursued;
  • Work with the Chairperson to ensure that the CFNC meets the goals and objectives as outlined in the annual plan;
  • Ensure that all projects and initiatives are completed within budget and in a timely fashion.

Arrange meetings and conference calls

  • Organize and coordinate face-to-face Board meetings;
  • Organize and coordinate regular Board meetings by teleconference call;
  • Prepare and circulate agendas, meeting packages, reports, and minutes of meetings;
  • Attend all Board meetings, either in-person or by video/teleconference;
  • Act as liaison for designated committees and help facilitate the completion of their mandates.

Provide general administrative support

  • Work with the treasurer/accounting department to review, prepare and approve financial statements;
  • Have the ability to explain the financial statements to Board members;
  • Ensure that the Board fulfills all required government and corporate filing deadlines.

Facilitate and promote communication

  • Facilitate the flow of information between the Board, committees and member associations;
  • Establish and maintain two-way communication with all provincial/ regional/ territorial associations by phone and e-mail to get their input/feedback on CFNC initiatives;
  • Establish and maintain two-way communication with Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), regional development agencies, and government officials as may be required;
  • Oversee the maintenance and updating of the CFNC website, including success stories and notices of upcoming events;
  • Oversee the distribution of pertinent information to the membership on a regular basis (at least quarterly);
  • Oversee the production of an annual report;
  • Ensure that all major documents and material from the CFNC are produced in both official languages;
  • Field general inquiries about the CFNC and its activities.


The successful proponent must be proficient in English and French, both written and oral.


It is anticipated that the successful proponent will be available to take on this position by April 1st, 2019.


This is a part time contract position (minimum of 2 days a week) with the potential to become full time if additional funding is secured. Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Expenses will be covered separately, according to the terms of the CFNC’s annual operating budget.


  • Minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in business administration, communications, community development or a related field from a college or university, or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, in both English and French;
  • Previous experience managing a professional association and/or not-for-profit organization, including working with a volunteer Board of Directors;
  • Familiarity and experience with online communications tools and video/teleconferencing systems;
  • Some knowledge of financial management, including experience with budgeting, managing cash flow, and preparation of financial statements;
  • Ability to interact with senior level government officials and senior decision makers of national organizations;
  • Experience working with Community Futures Organizations and/or in the field of Community Economic Development would be an asset.


All enquiries related to this RFP are to be directed to:

Erinn Smith, Secretary
Community Futures Network of Canada
Tel. 1-888-633-2326, ext. 5
Or (902) 384-3346
E-mail: erinn.smith at


Please submit one electronic copy of the proposal, in both English and French, in either PDF or MS Word document, to:

Erinn Smith,
Before 4:30 p.m. EST, Friday February 15th, 2019



15 Feb 2019
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