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Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. is seeking proposals from qualified, experienced firms or individuals to advise the organization on its fundraising capacity and, as requested, to support it in the execution of a multi-faceted campaign to raise capital for the expansion of its child care, training and cultural centre. 

Ka Ni Kanichihk is advanced in the development of its Building Expansion Plan and Capital Requirements, its Fundraising Strategy and its Pitch. However, it requires expertise and administrative support in several areas to ensure a successful launch and campaign.

The consultant will work under the direction of Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Council, with Staff, with community volunteers and with potential donors to aid in the planning and execution of the capital campaign and fundraising strategy, which has a goal for completion within an 18 – 24 month timeframe.

Scope of Work:

The successful consultant has a proven record of accomplishment for creative excellence in developing and executing upon fundraising campaigns, guiding organization’s fundraising capacity and working with Indigenous peoples. 

Starting the work as early as possible in September 2018 and using a consultative based approach, the Consultant will complete the following work by November 15, 2018:

  1. Validate the capacity to reach the campaign goal which is set between $5 - $7 million. In this work, review the major gift and annual donor history for the organization; review the environment including competitive campaigns, citizenship and philanthropist initiatives invested in like-minded causes.
  2. Assess organizational readiness; guide and assist in the development and refinement of all the campaign framework and materials; including the development of administrative policies, procedures, terms of reference and processes necessary to ensure organizational consistency, effectiveness and accountability. Framework to support on-going donor stewardship, reciprocity, retention and support new donor cultivation.
  3. Develop a strategic, multi-faceted capital campaign and fund development strategy that includes: 18 - 24 month project plan and schedule sequence, donor strategy and range of gifts table, organizational structure, staff & volunteer training strategy, communication and events strategy, and budget that reflects and is in alignment with #1 and #2 above.
  4. Based on the work undertaken in #1 above; screen, consult, and develop a comprehensive prospect donor data base including prospective major individual, corporate, government and foundation donors, as well as grants. Data base to include assessment of donor giving patterns, priorities and community engagement related to supporting Indigenous development and demonstrated commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and Reconciliation.  Data base to be owned by Ka Ni Kanichihk and to use most efficient software to support on-going sustainable donor relationships.
  5. In respect of the communications strategy, develop and assist in the refinement of digital strategy, software, materials, including those public facing and those for internal administrative use. 
  6. As called upon, provide consulting and coaching with a view to building the fundraising expertise and capacity of Ka Ni Kanichihk.


Fee proposal to be presented in a manner, which would enable a la carte selection of options and support the possibility of mentor coaching of Ka Ni Kanichihk staff.

Fee proposal to be presented in a manner that makes clear how it relates to the the above requirements, is to include all costs relating to planning, facilitating and report writing, plus include all out of pocket incidentals or other fees.

Fee proposal to be clear on who will be completing the work, including bios. Any use of subcontractors or associates must be disclosed.  

Background Ka Ni Kanichihk:

Ka Ni Kanichihk “those who lead”, is a nonprofit, community based and Indigenous-led social development organization that provides culturally safe and healing centered engagement to all ages of Winnipeg’s large and growing Indigenous community. Ka Ni Kanichihk is located within Winnipeg’s West Alexander “inner city”, a neighbourhood with high indigenous, immigrant and lone parent families. Increased demand for its unique prevention focused programs and services has exceeded its current capacity and has inspired Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Council (Board of Directors) to prioritize the expansion project and fundraising diversification within its strategic objectives. Ka Ni Kanichihk’s programs and services are publically funded by all levels of government, foundations, private sector, individuals and is a United Way of Winnipeg funded agency.  

The expansion will triple Ka Ni Kanichihk’s early learning childcare centre’s capacity, from its current 16 infant and pre school spaces to 48 spaces. Modeled after the best practice Indigenous Head Start initiative, Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Medicine Children’s Lodge uses a service delivery model that has intentional teaching strategies integral to creating stimulating learning environments and ensure all children are ready to succeed in school and beyond.

The expansion will also enhance Ka Ni Kanichihk’s capacity to provide healing centered engagement by adding two training rooms, a unique cultural/healing room and a commercial training kitchen. 

“Building our Future Together” - Current Campaign Status:

Ka Ni Kanichihk’s capital campaign central messaging relates to our understanding that the way forward to reconciliation and establishing equitable relationship between Indigenous and non Indigenous peoples will be achieved through collaboration and partnership. 

Under the direction of Ka Ni Kanichihk Council, the Capital Campaign Working Group has been tasked to oversee the development and execution of the capital campaign. This includes development of all strategy and planning materials, assessment of campaign organization structure and technology requirements, to establish a donor prospect strategy, to identify potential capital campaign committee members and volunteers, to ensure orientation and training of all volunteers, and to generally provide guidance and leadership to Ka Ni Kanichihk Council and Staff.

To date, draft documents have been developed, including: Building Our Future Together – a comprehensive business plan for the organization; Building Expansion Plan and Capital Requirements for Major Expansion; Sample Terms of Reference for Fundraising Strategy; Building our Future Together - Case for Support.  Using these tools, the organization has written letters requesting support and has submitted applications to all levels of government and several foundations. To date, $1,250,000 has already been committed/confirmed through these early efforts. 

Ka Ni Kanichihk hosts an annual fundraising event, Keeping the Fires Burning, a celebration of Indigenous culture and knowledge keepers (Elders).  This event has a 17-year history of community, corporate and public sector participation and has consistently grown year over year.  

Submission Instructions

  1. Proposals in narrative form to include project scope and understanding, anticipated project phases, and all expected work to be performed by consultant.
  2. Timeline based on the scope of work.
  3. Budget that correlates with the scope of work.
  4. Resume, cover letter and any supplemental information highlighting past experience with capital campaigns.

Please email all materials to Fiorina Pasquarelli fpasquarelli at by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 10, 2018.


July 16, 2018 – RFP Released

August 10, 2018 – Proposals due

August 17, 2017 – Interviewees selected and notified by email

August 20 – 24, 2018 In person presentation of proposals

August 29, 2019 – Selection committee decision made and notifications to interviewees

September 4, 2018 Capital Campaign consulting work begins

10 Aug 2018
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