Winnipeg Community Leader

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Mealshare exists because not everybody has access to enough food, and we don’t think that’s okay. We’re a non-profit social enterprise that makes it easy for people to provide meals to people in need. Just buy a Mealshare item at any of our partner restaurants, and you’re providing one meal to a youth in need. We’re adding to our team of passionate change makers.

History Lesson:

We launched in the summer of 2013 with four partner restaurants in Alberta. Since then we’ve grown to 325+ restaurants in 40+ communities. The Mealshare team is a tight-knit family that works collaboratively and efficiently to do change the world. We need you to develop and foster a highly successful Mealshare program in Winnipeg, leading to great restaurants joining, current partners staying involved, and passionate support from the community.

A day in the life of a Community Leader 

With support from the Founders, you’ll manage Mealshare operations in Winnipeg and be expected to:

  • Build and maintain meaningful relationships with our partner restaurants
  • Manage relations with our partner charities
  • Cultivate Mealshare’s social media presence in Ottawa
  • Pitch and sell to prospective partner restaurants
  • Manage our restaurant retention activities
  • Secure funding, and general support from the Winnipeg community

What it takes:

You’ll be solely responsible for Mealshare’s operations in Winnipeg. You’ll need a heart for helping people and a head for getting things done. We are looking for someone with 3+ years of relevant experience. Our ideal candidate is:

  • Passionate about changing the world with their career
  • Extroverted; A natural friend maker/people person
  • Trustworthy and genuine
  • Organized and efficient
  • Hard-working with a hunger to exceed expectations
  • A cooperative team player who goes the extra mile
  • Outgoing and energetic
  • Confident and persistent
  • Flexible with hours & workplace
  • A proven, self-motivated, responsible individual

Application and Details:

Send your CV to DreamJob at with the subject line “Winnipeg Community Leader (INSERT YOUR NAME)”. Show some personality and let us get to know you! We’ll be taking applications until January 12, 2018. We hope to have you start early 2018!

This position will start at 1/2 time (based on a 45 hour work week) and we envision it growing into full time from there. Annual salary will start between $17-20k.

You’ll have a flexible schedule and will work from home, coffee shops and partner restaurants. Our vacation policy is very accommodating and Rule #1 in our Playbook is ‘Have fun’ (true story). We can’t wait to meet you!

12 Jan 2018
Winnipeg  Manitoba