Employment Social Enterprise 201

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28 August, 2018

Employment Social Enterprise 2019:30am to 12:30pm Eastern Time

You’re invited to Employment Social Enterprise 201, a workshop that will provide you with an opportunity to explore your readiness to launch an employment social enterprise, and provide you with an opportunity to begin to generate employment social enterprise business ideas. 

Employment social enterprises are innovative businesses that create training and employment opportunities for people facing barriers to employment, such as people with disabilities, newcomers, and people with mental illness. 

The time is right for employment social enterprise development. Globally, and across Canada, employment social enterprises (ESEs) have demonstrated strong outcomes for their ‘target population’ employees. Based on this success, and on persistent employment barriers for many people in Toronto, York and Peel, there is demand for additional jobs within ESEs. Additionally, based on an increased ‘social purchasing’ behavior, there is increasing demand for the products and services created by ESEs. 

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The workshop will feature: 

  • an activity to explore your entrepreneurial readiness / organizational readiness for employment social enterprise development
  • an activity to support you in developing employment social enterprise business ideas
  • an activity to enable you to filter business ideas, identifying your highest probability business idea
  • a presentation from an existing employment social enterprise manager
  • a Q&A session with a representative of the Toronto Enterprise Fund, Canada’s leading supporter of employment social enterprises.

Note: This workshop is suitable for individuals who have attended Employment Social Enterprise 101. We strongly recommend that you attend ESE 101 prior to attending this workshop.

Refreshments and a light snack will be provided. If you have any accessibility needs, or any questions about this event, please contact Bronwyn Oatley, Manager, Toronto Enterprise Fund at boatley at uwgt.org

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