Sustainable Development Goals

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28 May, 2018 to 1 June, 2018

Canadian Poverty InstituteThe Poverty Studies Summer Institute is a unique study opportunity that brings together students, practitioners and ministry workers into an intimate learning community. Over a 3 week period, participants will engage in active learning and discussion about the causes and impacts of poverty and best practices in how to alleviate and end it. 

The Summer Institute offers courses that respond to the material, social and spiritual dimensions of poverty providing both the knowledge and skill base to work effectively in the practice of poverty reduction. The program will consist of 3 one-week intensive courses which may be eligible for credit for Ambrose University degree programs.

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Sustainable Development Goals

An exploration of the global Sustainable Development Goals and their historical development, their national application, and their integration into Albertan business, government, and civil society. The course will move from a broad theoretical understanding of a United Nations framework to an applied survey of how such goals and indicators can be applied to improve society through collaboration and innovation. Instruction will consist of lectures, experienced guest speakers and co-lecturers, reflective discussion, and case studies.

BUS/DVST307, May 28 - June 1
Angie Redecopp

The Canadian Poverty Institute
Calgary  Alberta
International CED
Sustainable Development